FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文

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It's our goal to make it simple for you to apply. Get started by learning about the specific application process and requirements for your student type. 

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应用ing is as easy as one, two, three. If you're a current high school student, learn how to prepare for the application process, submit your application, and follow up after you apply.


Designed with working professionals in mind, Loyola University now offers its renowned in-demand degrees in a convenient online format.

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If you're looking to pursue your advanced degree and work with experts in your field, you're in the right place. Start the process to continue your education at Loyola.

Professional and Continuing Studies

Our flexible programs will help you take the next step in your career.

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Where will a Loyola 法律 degree take you? Anywhere you want to go. As a member of the Loyola 法律 community, you'll receive personalized support and mentorship to help you achieve your professional goals. We are committed to producing practice-ready attorneys with an emphasis on social justice, 宣传, and experiential learning. We offer full-time and evening J.D. programs, as well as master's programs, certificates, and LL.M. 专门化.

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Find your place in the Wolf Pack

No matter where you're from or what degree you're looking to pursue, find out what steps you need to take to submit your application and begin your journey at Loyola.


Continue your college experience at Loyola without missing a beat.

国际 Students

Get the support you need to start your education in the Big Easy.


Welcome back to the Wolf Pack. Start your readmittance application today.

Second-Degree Students

When one degree isn't enough, we help you successfully dive into a new field.